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eris_nist.tar.gz is Eris conforming to the NIST hash function interface. Another way of saying it's not a stand alone program. One problem with this source at the moment is that the Update() function is hashing in the message length instead of the Final() function. I'm putting it on line for anyone interested in seeing how Eris looks in source code form.

eris-1.0.tar.gz is the command line version of Eris. The output message digest is different than the NIST version due to the way they hash in the message length. The NIST version hashes in the number of bits hashed while Eris-1.0 hashes in the number of bytes hashed. Basicaly NIST wants to be able to hash any odd length message like a 257 bit message instead of a regular 256 bit message that ends on a eight bit boundry. Why I have no idea. Eris is a eight bit algorithm and from now on it only hashes 8 bit bytes without the provision of dealing with an odd number of bits. If someone wants to start hashing 12 bit bytes they are SOL as far as I'm concerned.

eris-2.0.tar.gz                                                      Source code for eris-2

MD5 (eris-2.0.tar.gz) = c5475c3a23dec5718c908851b51721f8

SHA-256 (eris-2.0.tar.gz) = 660b1197c0a27df5db285079730050d325d91c0fe13f3d580850844dfc18a2c3
SHA-384 (eris-2.0.tar.gz) = 44ca15ba21229c09a76a1ef95f6a0591fd64adef88238b3fc1ac200f20d79927e036c04b6a181fc5b316788e277a1787
SHA-512 (eris-2.0.tar.gz) = af3570bd198868507b893633f03e9a7fcb1e2c5a28fa7d212a2eeee9e7a8a1133bf2f832e44c60ebf5af0e86963acbe9a42b3b0f205c54ff6c03d0beec01a34e

Eris-2 512 = 9a52926f68b5d6e8f4197df97b2d17e568741fcc23610f69189b839abe4776316f3df30bd8b87723ec6cc4470b448d74e77b9ca7ad9ff6d489b4bace074d37bc
Eris-2 384 = e22c40b5d314cb0ae918bb3e60bfbb6d6561201329ef0a989b5100ccbb59474a75f6171fc9ae950edc25ca989b7bb588
Eris-2 256 = ece2216fd73f9195ed91adc71442c519190f3a05593e0308b37c977bc4c68a0c
Eris-2 224 = 455b677814750f06058a1621cd286b991d2a7547f3ff9fdfc5eccdd9

discordia-1.0.tar.gz                                             Source code for discordia

MD5 (discordia-1.0.tar.gz) = a2be6f60bee860afd856192f23a71f16

SHA-256 (discordia-1.0.tar.gz) = 4d0af26a6b98a492525198ae42b3cbca94b7e124e69311c838a18f89bdd69a50
SHA-384 (discordia-1.0.tar.gz) = b09b1ca0d2658850f38373290b0668c7538d461787d0c90e40a5af86759d0677430ad409da809f2565efb5a986a7f8d4
SHA-512 (discordia-1.0.tar.gz) = 74c378b3612131c9778c81f418f900201222d0592b7be1f9ef09f31e7ab7183c64fdbe73fdb6c5162e124fb8109e584d8a90b953c212b9f220190b543e927edf

Eris-2 512 = 21510be936cf4687e742756eb2cc2b1b6f21e1219a3ce55ea7c7039e0d11c7d35a58b5b9d2080420ad910575aed0b4ac5822418f8dfd80118b14c9eb202de106
Eris-2 384 = 4d0ef0e91be60d0de9103d9e07c6472d48ab6219545c83015f296253f89daa8ad909a38559d3702069110dfd2d0ddc2b
Eris-2 256 = 0d516d3d3a3e82819105b3b2ed47e2173f6c9a5e9b7bd56160ef64ce8f4973a1
Eris-2 224 = 86da6f6de435225f07932ba6051bd60b95f27cc3094d0a03832929c5

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